implied warranties in professional services

In professional services such as those provided by doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, and dentists, there may be a warranty or guarantee of the quality of the services made or implied by law even when there is no express warranty written or stated. And in some states implied warranties cannot be disclaimed by the service provider.

Laws vary from state to state and some state laws recognize implied warranties in professional services and some do not. In states that do not recognize implied warranties in professional services, claims regarding the quality of professional services are generally analyzed as malpractice claims based on the professional’s alleged negligence in failing to meet the standard of care—generally a reasonably prudent and capable professional for the particular profession under the same or similar circumstances.

Laws regarding implied warranties in the provision of professional services may be located in a state’s court opinions (common law or case law) or in its statutes.

State Statutes for the State of Texas

Federal Statutes