Traffic tickets

riding in open bed of truck

In most states there are laws (statutes) and local ordinances (enacted by cities or towns) that place restrictions on people (and animals) riding in the open (uncovered) bed of a truck. But the specifics of these laws vary significantly from state to state

In approximately 19 states there is no state law against riding in the open bed of truck. These states include:

• Alabama

• Alaska

• Delaware

• Idaho

• Illinois

• Iowa (local ordinances may prohibit it)

• Kentucky

• Minnesota

• Mississippi

• Montana

• New Hampshire

• North Dakota

• Oklahoma

• South Dakota

• Vermont

• Washington

• West Virginia

• Wyoming

Laws are constantly evolving—a state legislature may enact a new statute or a city or town may pass a new ordinance and change the law at any time—so always be sure to determine the current status of the law in your state, city, or town.

State Statutes for the State of Texas

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