Traffic tickets

driving with missing or expired tags

All states have traffic laws that require motor vehicles on public highways, streets, roads, and driveways to have a rear license plate or tag—and most states also require a license plate on the front of a motor vehicle.

States usually require the license plates or vehicle registration to be renewed periodically—often annually and in connection with payment of a motor vehicle tax or inspection of the vehicle for safety and compliance with emissions standards.

In some states tickets or citations for no front or rear license plate or for expired plates/tags on your vehicle are known as fix-it tickets and the ticket or citation will indicate that it is a correctable violation of traffic laws. If you fix the missing-or-expired license plate problem within the required period and get the signature of an authorized person (a local police officer) the court may dismiss the ticket.

But if you fail to fix the missing-or-expired-tags problem within the required period you must pay the fine for the violation and you may be issued another ticket that will be part of your driving record. And if you fail to pay the ticket or appear in court on the hearing date the court may issue a warrant for your arrest.

State Statutes for the State of Texas

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