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driving safety/defensive driving course

Driving safety courses—also known as defensive driving or traffic school—are designed to improve a driver’s knowledge, awareness, and attitude toward driving a motor vehicle. Laws vary from state to state but in many states a driver who has been issued a traffic ticket or citation may have the ticket or citation dismissed upon successful completion of a driving safety course—whether online or in person.

In Texas, driving safety courses, commonly referred to as defensive driving or traffic school, are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). These courses serve to enhance a driver's understanding and skills related to safe driving practices. Texas law allows drivers who have received a moving traffic violation to request permission from the court to take a driving safety course. Upon successful completion of the course and meeting other court requirements, the citation may be dismissed. This option is typically available once every 12 months and is at the discretion of the court. The course can be taken online or in person, but it must be approved by the TDLR. Additionally, completing a driving safety course may qualify drivers for a discount on their auto insurance premiums.

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