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bicycles, scooters, skateboards

Laws governing the operation of bicycles, motor scooters (electric or gas powered), skateboards, and other modes of transportation on public streets, highways, and roads vary from state to state, and among cities and towns (municipal ordinances).

Some of the important laws governing these alternative modes of transportation include proper roadways and lanes for operation; speed limits; required safety precautions (helmets, etc.); application of traffic laws; license requirements; and the application of laws regarding being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In Texas, bicycles, motor scooters, skateboards, and similar modes of transportation are subject to various laws and regulations. Bicyclists are required to obey the same traffic laws as other vehicles, including stopping at stop signs and red lights. They are typically allowed to ride on roadways, and when a bike lane is present, they are encouraged to use it. Helmets are not mandated by state law for bicycle riders of any age, but some cities have their own ordinances requiring helmets for younger riders. Motor scooters and electric scooters are also regulated and may have specific requirements regarding licensing, insurance, and operation depending on their power and speed capabilities. For instance, motor scooters capable of exceeding certain speeds may be classified as motor vehicles and require a driver's license to operate. Skateboards are generally not allowed on roadways and are subject to local ordinances that can restrict their use on sidewalks and in public areas. Regarding alcohol or drugs, the same DUI laws that apply to motor vehicle drivers also apply to riders of bicycles and motor scooters. It's illegal to operate any of these modes of transportation while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It's important for riders to check local ordinances as they can impose additional restrictions and requirements.

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