Real property

tenancy in common

Tenancy in common is the ownership of real property by two or more co-owners (tenants in common) who may have equal or unequal ownership interests in the property (unlike joint tenants who must own equal shares).

Tenants in common (TIC) can transfer (bequeath or devise) their ownership interests to anyone upon their death, as there is no right of survivorship among tenants in common (there is a right of survivorship among joint tenants).

Unless the transfer or conveyance documents clearly establish that parties own a piece of real property as joint tenants, the default nature of ownership of real property by multiple parties is as tenants in common.

Laws vary from state to state and in many states the law regarding ownership of real property as tenants in common or as joint tenants is located in the state’s statutes—although it may also be located in a state’s court opinions (common law or case law).

State Statutes for the State of Texas


(5) "Heirs' property" means real property held in tenancy in common that satisfies all of the following

Federal Statutes