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The police are law enforcement officers who usually take an oath (make a promise) to protect and serve their communities. Police officers—or collectively, police departments—enforce laws, investigate potential crimes, and make arrests.

In Texas, as in other states, police officers are sworn law enforcement officials who pledge to protect and serve their communities. They are responsible for enforcing state laws and local ordinances. Their duties include patrolling communities to deter and detect crime, conducting investigations into criminal activity, and apprehending individuals suspected of committing offenses. Texas police officers have the authority to make arrests based on probable cause that a person has committed a crime. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure outlines the powers and duties of peace officers, and various state statutes and local laws provide additional guidance on law enforcement practices. Police departments in Texas operate under the oversight of municipal, county, or state governments, and their actions are subject to state laws, federal laws, and constitutional protections afforded to individuals.

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