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Elder law

Elder law includes a broad range of legal issues related to elderly persons and those who may be entrusted with their financial, health care, housing, and estate planning decisions.

In Texas, elder law encompasses various legal matters affecting older adults and their caregivers, including estate planning, guardianship, Medicare and Medicaid planning, long-term care planning, and protection against elder abuse. Estate planning may involve creating wills, trusts, and powers of attorney to manage an individual's affairs. Guardianship laws in Texas allow for the appointment of a guardian when an elderly person is no longer able to make decisions for themselves. Medicaid planning is crucial for many seniors in Texas, as it involves structuring assets and income to meet eligibility requirements for Medicaid, which can help pay for long-term care costs. Additionally, Texas has specific statutes aimed at preventing elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and provides legal remedies for victims. Attorneys specializing in elder law can assist with navigating these complex areas to ensure that the rights and needs of the elderly are adequately protected.

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