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SR-22 certificate

A Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22) is proof or verification the holder is maintaining vehicle liability insurance in the required amounts. It is not a type of insurance—it is a form filed with the state’s department of public safety (DPS), department of transportation (DOT), or department of motor vehicles (DMV) and may also be referred to as an SR-22 Bond or SR-22 Form.

An SR-22 can be issued by most insurance providers, who will notify the state’s department of public safety or department of motor vehicles when an SR-22 is cancelled, terminated, or lapses.

The state will often require a driver whose license has been suspended following an arrest for DUI/DWI to provide an SR-22 in order to get their occupational or restricted license or to have their driver’s license reinstated.

In Texas, an SR-22 is a financial responsibility insurance certificate required for certain drivers to prove that they carry the minimum amount of vehicle liability insurance required by law. This certificate is not an insurance policy but a form that is filed with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). It is typically required for drivers who have had their licenses suspended or revoked due to serious traffic offenses such as DUI/DWI. The SR-22 form must be issued by an insurance provider, which is also responsible for notifying the DPS if the policy is canceled, terminated, or lapses. Drivers may be required to maintain an SR-22 for a specified period, often for two years from the date of license reinstatement. Failure to maintain an SR-22 when required can result in further suspension of driving privileges.

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