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marriage counseling

Marriage counseling or couples therapy is the process of spouses working with a trained professional (usually a psychologist) to resolve problems in their relationship, with the goal of saving the relationship and marriage. Marriage counseling is generally not required before getting divorced, but in some states courts have the discretion to require couples seeking a divorce to engage in marriage counseling—although this is rare. And in some states the court may order the spouses to attend marriage counseling if one spouse requests it. But because a spouse is generally entitled to a divorce on no-fault grounds (without claiming or proving fault in the breakup of the marriage), marriage counseling is not usually a significant factor in the divorce process, and if one spouse wants a divorce, it will be granted.

In Texas, marriage counseling or couples therapy is a voluntary process where spouses work with a trained therapist to address issues in their relationship. While it can be a helpful step for couples looking to improve or save their marriage, it is not a legal requirement before filing for divorce. Texas is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that a spouse can file for divorce without the need to prove fault or wrongdoing by the other party. Consequently, even if one spouse is interested in marriage counseling, it will not prevent a divorce if the other spouse wishes to proceed. Courts in Texas do not typically order mandatory marriage counseling for couples seeking a divorce. However, in some cases involving child custody disputes, the court may order counseling to ensure the well-being of the children involved.

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