divorce decree

A divorce decree is a legal document signed by the judge that officially terminates the marriage. The divorce decree typically includes the judge’s ruling on all matters related to the marriage and any minor children—including division of marital or community property, payment of marital or community debts, spousal support, child custody, child visitation, child support, any obligation to provide health insurance for minor children, and the payment of extracurricular expenses for minor children.

These determinations or rulings set forth in the divorce decree become legally enforceable obligations when the judge signs the divorce decree—and may be enforced by further legal action in the court if one or both of the former spouses fail to comply with the terms of the divorce decree.

State Statutes for the State of Texas

Federal Statutes

§ 523. Exceptions to discharge

debtor and not of the kind described in paragraph (5) that is incurred by the debtor in the course of a divorce or separation or in connection with a separation agreement, divorce decree or other order of a court

§ 152. Dependent defined

(3)(C)), (ii) in the case of an individual legally separated from the individual’s spouse under a decree of divorce or of separate maintenance, the payee spouse and the payor spouse are not members of the or legally separated under a decree of divorce or separate maintenance, (ii) who are separated under pre-1985 instrumentFor purposes of this paragraph, the term “qualified pre-1985 instrument” means any decree of divorce or separate maintenance or written agreement— (i) which is executed before January 1, 1985

§ 121. Exclusion of gain from sale of principal residence

(B) Property used by former spouse pursuant to divorce decree, etc. (C) Divorce or separation instrumentFor purposes of this paragraph, the term “divorce or separation instrument ” means— (i) a decree of divorce or separate maintenance or a written instrument incident to such a decree, (ii) a written separation agreement, or (iii) a decree (not described in clause (i)) requiring