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white-collar crime

White-collar crime is the name for a broad category of nonviolent crimes that are often committed in commercial environments (including online) and for the purpose of financial gain. Examples of federal and state white-collar criminal offenses include:

• antitrust violations
• bank fraud
• bankruptcy fraud
• bid rigging and price fixing
• blackmail
• bribery
• computer and internet fraud
• counterfeiting
• credit card fraud
• economic espionage and trade secret theft
• embezzlement
• environmental law violations
• extortion
• financial fraud
• government fraud
• health care fraud
• identity theft
• immigration fraud
• insider trading
• insurance fraud
• intellectual property theft
• kickbacks
• loan sharking
• mail fraud
• money laundering
• public assistance fraud (Medicare, Medicaid, Disability)
• public corruption
• racketeering
• securities fraud
• skimming (casinos)
• tax evasion
• telephone and telemarketing fraud

In Texas, white-collar crimes encompass a wide range of nonviolent offenses committed for financial gain, often within a business or commercial context. These crimes can be prosecuted under both federal and state laws. Texas statutes cover various forms of fraud, including but not limited to bank fraud, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, and securities fraud. The state also has laws against bribery, embezzlement, and other forms of corruption. Texas Penal Code, for example, outlines offenses such as theft, forgery, and fraudulent practices, which can be applied to white-collar criminal activities. Additionally, federal laws address crimes like antitrust violations, bankruptcy fraud, computer and internet fraud, identity theft, and tax evasion. Agencies such as the FBI, SEC, and IRS are involved in the investigation and enforcement of federal white-collar crime laws. Penalties for white-collar crimes in Texas can range from fines and restitution to imprisonment, depending on the severity and scope of the offense. An attorney specializing in white-collar criminal defense can provide specific guidance and representation for individuals or entities facing such charges.

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