Criminal charges

fake ID

State and federal laws generally prohibit the possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of a false or fake driver’s license, identification card, military ID, passport, state or federal employee identification card, or other identification documents (fake ID). The legal definition of a fake ID is generally an ID that has been (1) altered, (2) falsified, (3) forged, (4) duplicated, (5) reproduced, or (6) counterfeited.

In many states, possession of a fake ID may be charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony, with fines, community service, probation, suspension of driver’s license, and possible jail time. Some colleges and universities impose additional penalties on students who are convicted of possessing a fake ID—including dismissal from the college or university. And fraud in connection with identification documents may also be a federal crime. See 18 U.S. Code §1028.

Fake ID laws are usually located in a state’s statutes—in the penal or criminal code, the alcoholic beverage code, or the transportation or motor vehicle code.

State Statutes for the State of Texas

Federal Statutes