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aiding a suicide

Most states have laws against aiding a suicide or assisted suicide. These laws are usually found in the state’s statutes, and sometimes in the state’s court opinions or case law (common law). The severity level of these crimes range from misdemeanors to felonies.

In Texas, assisting a suicide is considered a criminal offense under the Texas Penal Code. Specifically, Texas Penal Code Section 22.08, titled 'Aiding Suicide,' classifies the act of intentionally aiding or attempting to aid another person to commit or attempt to commit suicide as a criminal offense. The severity of the charge can range from a Class C misdemeanor if the person does not actually commit or attempt suicide, to a state jail felony if the suicide or attempted suicide occurs as a result of the aid provided. Texas law does not recognize any form of legal assisted suicide, and there are no provisions that allow for medical aid in dying. Therefore, any assistance in the act of suicide is subject to legal prosecution in the state of Texas.

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