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Child support

voluntary relinquishment of rights

A parent’s voluntary relinquishment of parental rights is the legal process in which the parent of a minor child asks the court to terminate the parent-child relationship. Termination of the parent-child relationship terminates the parent’s right to visitation or custody of the child, and terminates the parent’s obligation to support the child. But most courts will not allow a parent to terminate parental rights and obligations unless there is a qualified person who is willing to adopt the child, and the court determines the adoption is in the best interest of the child.

In Texas, a parent's voluntary relinquishment of parental rights is a legal process that requires court approval. This process involves the parent submitting a petition to the court to terminate their parent-child relationship, which, if granted, would end their rights to custody, visitation, and the obligation to support the child financially. However, Texas courts typically require that there be someone else, such as a stepparent or other relative, ready and willing to adopt the child before they will approve the termination of parental rights. The court must also find that the adoption is in the best interest of the child. This requirement ensures that the child's welfare is protected and that they will have a legally responsible adult to provide for their needs after the termination of the biological parent's rights.

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