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web address/domain name

A web address or domain name is an address where your business’s website can be found online. Your domain name will be an important part of the branding and identity of your business, and will be communicated to current and potential customers when they visit your website or receive an e-mail from your business that includes your domain name.

It is important to check the availability of potential domain names for your business, and register an available name with a domain name registrar.

You should also ensure your domain name does not infringe on another company’s trademark, and consider securing trademark protection for the name of your business—which may be similar to your domain name.

In Texas, as in other states, choosing a domain name for your business involves checking its availability and registering it with a domain name registrar. It's crucial to ensure that the domain name does not infringe on existing trademarks to avoid legal disputes. Texas businesses can conduct a trademark search through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to ensure the domain name is not already trademarked. If a business wishes to protect its brand identity, it can apply for a trademark with the USPTO, as trademark registration is not handled at the state level. Securing a trademark for the business name, which may be the same as or similar to the domain name, provides legal protection against unauthorized use by others and strengthens the business's branding strategy.

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