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trade names

A trade name—also known as an assumed name, fictitious name, or doing-business-as (DBA or d/b/a) name—is a name a business uses for advertising and trade purposes—often because it is shorter, easier to remember, and more effective for marketing the business than the registered or legal name.

If you plan to use a different name for your business than the name you registered with your state (NewCo, LLC), you may need to file a fictitious name or d/b/a statement with the county in which your business is located.

In Texas, a trade name, also known as an assumed name, fictitious name, or doing business as (DBA), is a name used by a business for advertising and trade that is different from its legal registered name. Businesses in Texas are required to file an assumed name certificate with the county clerk in each county where the business will have a business premise, and if the business does not have a location in Texas, then with the Secretary of State. This requirement applies to sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and other types of business entities. The assumed name certificate helps to inform the public about the true owner of a business. The certificate must be renewed every ten years unless the business is no longer operating under the assumed name. It's important to note that registering an assumed name does not provide trademark protection or exclusive rights to the name; it is merely a way to comply with the transparency requirements of Texas business law.

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