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Attorney and law firm advertising involves legal ethics standards and is regulated by the state bar associations in which the attorney is licensed, or in which the advertisements appear. The disclosures and required and prohibited advertising content varies from state to state, whether the advertisements appear on television, radio, social media, print, billboards, or another medium.

In Texas, attorney and law firm advertising is governed by the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, particularly Rule 7, which outlines the requirements for lawyer advertising and solicitation. The rules are enforced by the State Bar of Texas. Advertisements must not be false or misleading, must include the name of at least one responsible attorney, and must not create unjustified expectations about results the lawyer can achieve. Certain types of content, such as testimonials or statements comparing the lawyer's services to another's, are subject to additional restrictions and may require disclaimers. Lawyers must also file their advertisements with the Advertising Review Committee of the State Bar of Texas for review, unless the advertisement or solicitation is exempt under the rules. The use of social media for advertising is also subject to these regulations, and attorneys must ensure that their online presence complies with the ethical standards set forth by the State Bar of Texas.

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