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leash laws

Some states have statewide dog leash laws. These laws are referred to as "running at large statutes." Many states do not have statewide leash laws, but counties, cities, towns, and municipalities have laws that determine when a dog must be leashed and not "running at large." These leash laws sometimes require dogs to be registered and wear an identification tag.

In Texas, there is no statewide leash law, commonly known as a 'running at large statute.' Instead, leash laws are determined by local ordinances. These local regulations vary by county, city, and town, and they dictate when and where a dog must be leashed to prevent them from 'running at large.' Many Texas municipalities require dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash in public areas, and some may have specific leash length requirements. Additionally, local ordinances may require dogs to be registered with the city or county and to wear identification tags displaying their registration. Dog owners in Texas should check with their local animal control or municipal government to understand the specific leash and registration requirements applicable to their area.

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