§ 4551. Small business

50 U.S.C. § 4551 (N/A)
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Small business concerns shall be given the maximum practicable opportunity to participate as contractors, and subcontractors at various tiers, in all programs to maintain and strengthen the Nation’s industrial base and technology base undertaken pursuant to this chapter.

In administering the programs, implementing regulations, policies, and procedures under this chapter, requests, applications, or appeals from small business concerns shall, to the maximum extent practicable, be expeditiously handled.

Representatives of small business concerns shall be afforded the maximum opportunity to participate in such advisory committees as may be established pursuant to this chapter.

Information about this chapter and activities undertaken in accordance with this chapter shall be made available to small business concerns.

Whenever the President makes a determination to exercise any authority to allocate any material pursuant to section 4511 of this title, small business concerns shall be accorded, to the extent practicable, a fair share of such material, in proportion to the share received by such business concerns under normal conditions, giving such special consideration as may be possible to emerging small business concerns.

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