§ 300z–10. Restrictions

42 U.S.C. § 300z-10 (N/A)
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Grants or payments may be made only to programs or projects which do not provide abortions or abortion counseling or referral, or which do not subcontract with or make any payment to any person who provides abortions or abortion counseling or referral, except that any such program or project may provide referral for abortion counseling to a pregnant adolescent if such adolescent and the parents or guardians of such adolescent request such referral; and grants may be made only to projects or programs which do not advocate, promote, or encourage abortion.

The Secretary shall ascertain whether programs or projects comply with subsection (a) and take appropriate action if programs or projects do not comply with such subsection, including withholding of funds.

(July 1, 1944, ch. 373, title XX, § 2011, as added Pub. L. 97–35, title IX, § 955(a), Aug. 13, 1981, 95 Stat. 592.)