§ 12642. Partnerships with schools

42 U.S.C. § 12642 (N/A)
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The head of each Federal agency and department shall design and implement a comprehensive strategy to involve employees of such agencies and departments in partnership programs with elementary schools and secondary schools. Such strategy shall include—

(1) a review of existing programs to identify and expand the opportunities for such employees to be adult volunteers in schools and for students and out-of-school youth;

(2) the designation of a senior official in each such agency and department who will be responsible for establishing partnership and youth service programs in each such agency and department and for developing partnership and youth service programs;

(3) the encouragement of employees of such agencies and departments to participate in partnership programs and other service projects;

(4) the annual recognition of outstanding service programs operated by Federal agencies; and

(5) the encouragement of businesses and professional firms to include community service among the factors considered in making hiring, compensation, and promotion decisions.

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