Justice For All: The Importance of Access to Affordable Legal Advice and Services

by LegalFix
Posted: December 7, 2023
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In the United States, we are facing a critical challenge: the access to justice crisis. This is a situation where a staggering 80-86% of the civil legal needs of low-to-middle-income individuals remain unmet. This gap in legal service provision highlights a serious issue in our society, where the demand for legal assistance far exceeds the available resources, especially for those who cannot afford the traditional legal fees.

Understanding the Access to Justice Crisis

The crisis stems from a fundamental imbalance in the legal market. There is an estimated $100 billion untapped market for consumer and small business legal services in the U.S. Many consumers and small businesses have significant legal needs that cannot justify the $400 per hour fees and large up-front fee deposits and retainers typically required by law firms. Furthermore, these groups often face challenges in getting attorneys to return their calls, adding to the frustration and helplessness experienced by those in need of legal assistance.

The Justice Gap: A Pressing Issue

The disparity between the need for important legal services and their affordability is known as the justice gap. It leaves many individuals and the small businesses they depend on without protection for their crucial legal rights. This gap is not just a theoretical concept; it has real-life implications. According to a recent study by the Legal Services Corporation, this justice gap has led to the access to justice crisis—with 80-86% of the civil legal needs of low-and-middle-income individuals going unsatisfied.

Impact of Affordable Legal Access

Having affordable access to professional legal advice and services can significantly improve a person's financial and mental well-being. This is particularly true for issues related to wills, trusts, probate, child custody, child support, marriage, divorce, alimony, landlord-tenant disputes, insurance, homeowners’ associations, employment, real estate, contracts, debts, criminal charges, traffic tickets, bankruptcy, and more.

Bridging the Gap

To help bridge this justice gap, free or discounted services like legal aid and pro bono programs are available. However, these programs often have stringent low-income requirements that many do not meet. Thus, a large portion of the population is left in a legal limbo, unable to qualify for free services but also unable to afford the high costs of legal advice and services.

LegalFix: A Beacon of Hope

In response to this crisis, LegalFix is working hard to close the justice gap. LegalFix offers free information on nearly 1,600 legal topics, providing a valuable resource for those who find themselves in this challenging situation. By visiting, individuals and small businesses can access a wealth of information that can help them better understand their legal issues.


The access to justice crisis undermines our country's belief in fairness and meritocracy and requires immediate attention and action. Although there are legal aid and pro bono services available to help bridge the gap, most people don't meet the low-income requirements for these services and much work remains to be done to ensure that everyone has access to the legal services they need, regardless of their financial situation.